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Where can I find a Fresno Dentist Office?

May 2, 2018

At First Family Dental, our dentist is highly experienced, and happy to provide you and your family members with the knowledge, techniques, and treatment necessary to establish and sustain excellent oral health. Placing an emphasis on preventive dental care, our Fresno dentist office is also your premier resource for the highest quality restorative, implant, pediatric and cosmetic dentistry services. Welcoming patients of all ages to his state-of-the-art Fresno dentist office, Dr. Raji Haddad and his caring staff are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable and beneficial as possible.
Fresno Dentist Office

Has it been a long time since your last oral exam? The American Dental Association advises patients to visit their Fresno dentist office at least twice a year for a comprehensive oral examination and professional teeth cleaning. By routinely scheduling visits, you’ll benefit from the oversight of an experienced professional throughout the year. Whether it’s the early detection of dental issues, teaching your children how to brush and floss, repairing, or adjusting your dental prosthetics, your dentist is proactive when it comes to your oral health, and takes special measures to help keep your mouth free from disease. Equipped with the foremost diagnostic technology, Dr. Haddad can check for a wide range of dental conditions, from cavities and impacted teeth, to the first signs of gum disease and oral cancer. One of the major benefits of scheduling routine checkups is that they enable your dentist detect issues early on, when they’re easiest to treat. Pediatric patients benefit especially from preventive care, as it can help them develop great habits and a positive attitude towards caring for their oral health. Providing special treatments, designed to strengthen and protect their developing teeth from cavities and dental decay, you children will be in the very best of hands at our office.

Here at First Family Dental, we put your family first. To schedule your next visit to our Fresno dentist office, contact our helpful staff at the number below today!

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